SAP European e-invoice

Expand your business beyond your country, with SAP European e-invoice solution!

Electronic Invoicing is becoming reality in almost each European countries.

The trend, as the public administration has already demonstrated, is that the business financial system will talk a common language.

That’s why EU countries and the European Commission decided to introduce a European Standard for eInvoicing in response to the many eInvoice formats used across the European countries. 

Does your company have adjusted its SAP system?

This operation requires a customization that will make you save money by improving the quality of your data (with a BI advantage) and reducing operating times.

SAP European e-invoice is already a best practice approved by Rise with SAP philosophy because it’s going to save paper and emission. An other step to confirm your brand as a leader in the in the fight against climate change.

At AIM Major, we are specialized in the company’s digitalization process. We have developed a protocol for each European country that will accompany you in this important adaptation.
Spain and Hungary have already defined their standards and our clients over there can prove it’s worth it!

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